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This Blog has information about Corpus Christi TX Real Estate for home buyers. We will also cover topics important to Real estate and this website. Discussing city property tax appraisal's and how to lower them. Your credit score, how it is determined and what you need to know about it. This blog will give you tips about fun stuff to do in the city and neat little events that happen through out Corpus Christi Texas. We will also give you a brief summary of what tools and information are available on this site. If you are having financial trouble and you need help to stay in your house or to sell your home for less than you owe. Spowell.com Real Estate can help, go to the Are you at Risk button.

Instructions for making sure you are not paying to much in Corpus Christi real estate tax. I found this information at www.nuecescad.net The form is called property tax notice of protest. The deadline to file a protest is usually around the end of May but sometimes you can get in after that. The form has steps you just fill out the paper work and send it in they will either correct it or have a hearing. Make sure you have your exemptions you can check the exemptions online at the website above just type in your address, you can be in any city around Corpus Christi Texas, Padre Island TX, Calallen , it does not matter as long you are in Nueces county. When you pull up the Property info there should be on the first page exemptions make sure you see HS that stands for homestead. I believe that is a 15% savings. There are other exemptions like if you are over 65 you receive a large discount and if you are a disabled vet. Sometimes you have to bring in proof that your Home, condo, or real estate as not gone up in value, just call a Corpus christi real estate agent and ask for a CMA of your area. This will give you the proof you need that the property values have not gone up as much as the tax roll says. Remember always be nice to them they are good group of people down there. If you would like to call them the number is 361-881-9978.


Credit is important in everyone's life but to somebody about to purchase real estate perhaps in Port Aransas TX or a Padre Island Homes. It can be a deal breaker, especially because lenders have raised credit score requirements. Here is a list of some other areas of life credit can affect. Credit limits, getting a job, promotion, insurance rates, cable companies, utility companies, cell phone rates, deposits, and approval of certain licenses. The thing about your credit score is that the common sense thing to do is not always what is best for you. Information on your credit report can stay for up to 7-10 years. Texans are in the top 10 lowest credit score states and Corpus Christi Texas credit score Avg has been around 652. People that have a credit score between 550-599 have a 51% chance of Delinquency, this is why your credit score can adversely affect you. The FTC regulators the credit bureaus the FTC website is www.ftc.gov/ . To look at your credit report for free provided by Federal Law go to www.annualcreditreport.com this does not give you your credit score but your credit report. The report provides personal information, collections, charge-offs, liens, credit limits, payment history, etc.... The most important information is how the credit score is calculated, the credit score is made up of 5 different factors. Payment history is worth 35% of your credit score and is the most important. The good news is that recent history is much more of a factor than old history. Amounts owes is 30% of your credit score, you should use less that 30% of the amount of money available to you. Length of your credit history, the longer the better. Closing accounts does not help your score, it could hurt your score if it lowers your credit available. Inquires, companies checking your credit is 10% of your credit. Lastly credit mix is 10% of your score, this is the types of credit mortgage, installment, and revolving. Having to many department store cards could lower your score.

Corpus Christi Real Estate is America's undiscovered third coast. Properties prices are always affordable even during good times. Right now during the rescission all home prices are priced to sell. For Home buyers there is no better opportunity then 2010, here is why. First you have the Government 8,000 dollar Tax credit for home buyers available until April. Second, Mortgage Real Estate interest rates are still at an all time low. Third, Corpus Christi is one of the most affordable cities to live in, go to our helpful links page and check out the cost of living button that can compare any other city to Corpus Christi.



June, 2009: Concert & Cinema Series

Cole Park Amphitheater
Bay Jammin'
Concert & Cinema Series
Summer 2009

Free to the Public

Corpus Christi is such a great place to live. The city puts on every year Cole Park
Free Concerts Thursday night concerts, and free Friday Night Movies. You can
bring your own lawn chairs and ice chest and enjoy a nice evening
overlooking the water.

Go to the link to see a schedule of concerts and movies


June, 2009: Property Taxes

Property Taxes are Corpus Christi Real Estate Local Taxes. The most important fact to know is your RIGHT to protest the Appraisal Review Board. The ARB hearing begins around May 1, most hearings should be completed by July 20th sometimes a little later. The ARB must provide times in the evenings or on weekends. If you decide to protest you should look at these area of the real estate in order not to waste peoples time. Remember the property tax is appraised a year behind then the current year. Have a local Realtor conduct a CMA of your homes area to see if your tax appraisal matches homes sold in the same area. Check to make sure all exemptions that can be received are being received, EX: 65 and older, Veterans, Disabilities, Agricultural, And Homestead. If you have major repairs on the home that is not being taken into account, for instance a re-route, new roof, or incorrect survey. You must have all proper documention such as pictures, bids from multi contractors, other appraisals, your own survey, court docs, or a brokers price opinion. Most of the time here in Corpus Christi Tx, you can go in to the appraisal office, downtown during the month of May you should be able to speak to someone right then and have it changed or set up a hearing date. The Appraisal Board office locally has always been very helpful and courteous. If you would like to protest your homes property taxes, do so in writing before May 31st. Be on time, be prepare, stick to the one reason property taxes, remember these are citizens just like you and I. Good Luck Call us at 361-765-3405 Spowell.com for more information




Welcome to Corpus Christi Tx Homes search. If you are looking for Information about Corpus Christi Texas Real Estate then you have come to the best user friendly site For Corpus Christi Homes. Here you will find neighborhood video tours so you can see different Corpus Christi Homes with maps in the convenience of your own home. Spowell.com Real Estate also has helpful Tx Real Estate Videos to walk you through the entire process of buying your very own home. Padre island real estate and Port Aransas condos has some of the most affordable costal living in the country. Padre Island Homes are some of the best priced ocean view properties in the USA. Sandy Powell Is a Top Coastal Bend Realtor and has been for the past 5 years. If You are looking for a Real Estate Agent that takes care of You and your Family always as a person and not as paycheck.Your needs and wants are what is important at Spowell.com Real Estate, we give you the vital knowledge convieniently to help empower and guide your import investment decisions.




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